composition academy

Philippe ManouryFestival Musica

Sept. 24 / Oct. 6 2018

strasbourg / france
composition academy Philippe ManouryFestival Musica

Organized by the Musica festival
In partnership with Strasbourg Conservatoire, the Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR), Strasbourg University, and Labex Gream

Artistic and pedagogical coordinator, Philippe Manoury
Composition tutors, Philippe Manoury, Luca Francesconi
Electronics supervisor, Tom Mays

The performers:
Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Soloists of the Strasbourg Académie supérieure de musique / HEAR

Jean-Dominique Marco,
Director of the Musica festival

Musica is a prestigious European music festival created in 1983. Every autumn, in Strasbourg, Musica presents major works from 20th century repertoire, and confronts them with works of today by both emerging and established composers. The festival draws a broad audience, always keen to explore contemporary art-forms from a variety of aesthetic and geographical backgrounds.

In order to involve young composers in this exciting musical voyage of discovery, Musica has created a composition academy, which takes place during the festival. This academy is the outcome of the shared endeavours of Strasbourg Conservatoire, Strasbourg Académie supérieure de musique / HEAR and Strasbourg University in the field of the aesthetics of musical composition.

The aim of the academy is to provide selected young composers with the time and opportunity to explore and experiment with musical creation in a concrete way, through all stages of the creative process. A musical project will be outlined, then given shape; two internationally renowned tutors will provide coaching throughout the composition process. The score will be tried out and rehearsed by professional musicians specializing in contemporary forms. All these aspects are essential in the elaboration of a piece, and yet such ideal conditions are seldom all met even for professional musicians. All the works devised during the academy will be performed (and recorded live) in the course of two concerts at the end of the festival. The winner will receive a commission from the Musica festival.

As the academy is an integral part of the Musica festival, participants will be able to immerse themselves in a creative environment and to meet European music professionals (including performers, programmers, composers, publishers, etc).

The aim of this project is to foster emerging composers by providing them with an opportunity to enrich their creativity and talent with the knowledge and dedication of a team of expert tutors. This will help them hone their skills, and provide a valuable stepping-stone for their future career.

Philippe Manoury
Director of the Academy

An international composition academy
When I was a young composer, during the 1970s, I had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with Stockhausen, Berio, Kagel, Donatoni, Ligeti and Xenakis at festivals like Royan, La Rochelle and Metz; I was able to make contact with the great creative artists of the period. Being close to these diverse and memorable figures, I was able to grasp the major artistic issues of the time.
By creating an academy within Musica, I wanted to enable young composers to immerse themselves in the new works of the festival, to meet the composers of today as well as the best performers. The interaction between the festival and the academy is a context that will help them better outline their future career path.

An international dynamic at the heart of Europe fuelled by Musica
This international academy is located in the European capital of Strasbourg, within the hub of contemporary creation that is Musica; and as such, it draws on – and amplifies - an international dynamic very much focused on new generations. The academy is a forum for exchanges of views and public meetings, which further enrich the festival’s programme.

A collaborative course with tutors and musicians
During the two weeks of the course, the participants and their two tutors will divide their time between individual and group tuition, both theoretical and practical. Course participants have free access to all festival events.

In 2018, the academy will focus on two areas: vocal writing for a cappella ensemble, with the participation of the celebrated Stuttgart Neue Vocalsolisten, as well as solo writing with live electronics, which will be supervised by Tom Mays and performed by the soloists of the Strasbourg Académie supérieure de musique / HEAR.

Italian composer Luca Francesconi, whose experience in the fields of vocal writing and electronic composition is widely respected, will be one of our tutors.

Composition academy Philippe Manoury - Musica festival
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Jean-Dominique Marco , Director and Philippe Manoury, composer and artistic director of the Academy ©Guillaume Chauvin©Guillaume Chauvin