composition academy

Philippe ManouryFestival Musica

Sept. 24 / Oct. 6 2018

strasbourg / france
composition academy Philippe ManouryFestival Musica

The academy is open to:

10 composers born after January 1st, 1983.

Please include in your application (in French or English):

• the completed application form (which you can download on the right of this page)
• a 1-page résumé including studies and professional experience
• a catalogue of works
• a covering letter outlining your motivation
• 1 or 2 letters of recommendation
• the outline of 1 project for each ensemble, in order of preference (see Course content) (1)
• a few musical sketches for the project(s) will be most welcome
• 2 scores, if possible for instrumentation similar to that offered by the academy (2)
• 2 recordings, if possible matching the scores. Recordings must me downloadable (please provide attachment or link). Computer simulations will not be accepted.

(1) For instrumentation 2, applicants must precise for which solo instrument they wish to write for.
(2) Applicants must submit scores for a vocal work and a work with electronics in their application.
Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Application deadline: Wednesday, February 28, 2018
(Only by email to Adélaïde Rauber,

Academy timeline

February 28: deadline for applications
March 15: selection by the artistic committee and assignation of applicants to one of the two ensembles. Applicants will be notified by email within a few days of selection.
March to July: composition work and supervision by tutors and performers
May 2nd: work-in-progress to be sent by e-mail (1)
June 29: 2nd draft of work-in-progress to be sent by e-mail (1)
July 15: finished score to be sent in (score and parts) as well as the patch (1)

Non-compliance with the schedule may lead to elimination from the course.

(1) scores to be sent to

September 24: arrival of participants and beginning of tuition (AM)
September 24 to October 6: duration of the academy
October 5 & 6: final concerts of the academy

Financial conditions

Academy fee: €500. Participants must bear the costs for travel, accommodation and meals.
Strasbourg University can provide accommodation in individual flats (approx. cost €295 for 14 nights in a single studio).

Composers must bring their personal computers to edit scores; the academy will provide printers.

Composition academy Philippe Manoury - Musica festival
Adélaïde Rauber (33) 03 88 23 46 42

1 place Dauphine
67100 Strasbourg